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Nov 23, 2009 3:05am EST
the guy i saw her with. (giggling) (camera clicks) be right back. katie: close your eyes. trust me. george? why don't we invite that peter guy to join us? you know, he's kind of cute. george? (grunting) (screaming) she was selling herself like a common whore. i couldn't believe my eyes. we're from virginia. we met in church, if you can believe that. we made promises to each other. and once she moved to south beach, she forgot everything. how so? she made new friends. didn't come home for days. i found drugs in her purse. then that guy... rebecca didn't leave you for that guy. he's a cop. she was helping him to work a case. what? i don't get it. that's right; you don't. maybe she would have explained it to you. but you never gave her the chance. you took her life. now we're gonna take yours. peter kinkella has been laundering money and selling drugs, and yet you're not focused on him. why not? we need to keep his operation going. so the monitoring device is for someone bigger. kinkella's only raising capital. we want who's getting that money. which is for who? i'm afraid that's clas
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1